First Post – Velocity Programs – Many Years in Waiting!

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Uncategorized

Hey Guys,

Finally I have taken to the net. After 15 years of watching and reading other people’s blog’s I decided that my knowledge needed to get out there. I realized that the only difference between myself and the other pitching “GURUS” is that they took to the net to post their opinions and push there programs. I sat back and watch these guys over the years as they changed their philosophies and ditched the old ones, just to sell some new videos. I love the fact that there is an awareness to Velocity Training in baseball now. Unfortunately too much of an awareness has created many academies to jump on the bandwagon of programs that do no work or have not been proven to work. I have tried them all both personally and with my students and I feel that there are only a few guys in the USA that truly understand what it takes to build velocity. What happens when building a velocity program, is when students reach a certain level, the ceiling needs to be raised. This in turn changes the program and makes it more intense. I think many programs fail to tell you that you need to push the process as the athlete adapts. Anyway more to come on velocity as we get going. My next post will discuss HOLDS and how some academies near me have used this as VELO Program only to find out that many of their players don’t gain the results they expected. This in my opinion ruins it for the REAL Velocity programs out there.

– Bill Bethea

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