Youth Baseball and the Curveball – Are WOOD BATS the ANSWER?

Posted: February 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

lifted 2 2015How may kids under age 12 do you know throw curveballs in youth leagues? Is it safe? What about the new study that says it is safe? One, I see tons of kids throwing curveballs at a young age. Two, according to the surgeons I have asked, they feel it isn’t. Three, as far as a study, we can always make the results of a study support our ideas or ideals. My point is that there has not been a study on curveballs has not involved youth players throwing them over periods of time and logging the results. The purpose of this is to make one think, not for me to stand here telling you that it is or isn’t. I simply want to present you the information that I have experienced.

I used to have a competitor that taught curveballs to kids under age 12, NONE of his students ever pitched in high school effectively. His own son missed time (2 years) in little league after a “sprained elbow” after snapping off more than 50 percent curveballs per game pitched. Now this person never focused on the Arm Care, Training, or preventative measures for any pitcher. So was it this lack of focus on fitness or the actual pitch being thrown. Maybe a bit of both. What I will say is since the hand naturally pronates 90 degrees or more after a fastball is releases, then this means that the hand pronates more than 180 degrees on a curveball. This could in fact put added pressure on those little arms.

Now personally I can say that back in 2007, at 8am I found myself throwing curveballs to a kid who needed to see curveballs that morning to prep for an All Star game. He was 11. Not only is it sad that I had to throw these pitches to an 11 year old the second part is on the 3rd throw I felt a pop in the elbow. Was it the curveball or the fact that I was thinking that I was the Hulk and that warming up was beyond me? I cannot be sure but I can say that the fact that it was curve didn’t seem to help. I’m convinced that where I felt this POP was a direct result of my grip.

Now my opinion is that all kids should swing wood. It would make the game stronger. Kids would be forced to hit the ball perfect, in turn allowing pitchers to throw less junk, and develop their arms by throwing fastballs. Hitters would get better by swinging heavier bats and they would have to focus differently, making them stronger. But by making them use wood bats the pitchers would not have to rely on tricking the hitter, therefore the could focus on throwing strikes and developing their fastballs. Hence changing the game. Better Pitchers, Better Hitters, Less Injuries and easier on the scouts to know who the real players are! What say you!

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