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Years ago some major league teams limited the long toss distance for their pitchers to 150 feet. Needless to say the organization’s injuries increased by some astronomical percentage that is escaping my mind at this time. Other organizations that allowed their pitchers to throw long distances saw their injuries decrease. I personally think 150 feet distance is short for a pro level pitcher. I personally feel much looser after a nice extreme long toss. Alan Jaeger is the master of long toss and I love his concepts on Extreme Long Toss and Therapeutic Long toss.

Arguments against Long Toss at greater distances

  • messes up release point
  • the angle at greater distances creates different angles than you would pitch at
  • not proven to increase speed
  • a pitcher throws 60 feet and should train at 60 feet

Why the above is not true

  1. Your body makes adjustments based on how far you need to throw the ball therefore within 3 to 5 throws on various surfaces or at various distances your body will adjust.
  2. Yes true but who cares about the angles….see Number 1
  3. Maybe not proven but it does stretch the muscles out and elongates the muscle therefore prepping the body for the explosive throwing process
  4. As mentioned above a pitcher needs to stretch out the muscles. This theory of training at 60 feet only is something a “guru” said a few years back to be contrary to other “gurus” Simply ridiculous.

How to implement long toss

  • use as a warmup
  • only use the amount of energy needed to propel the ball the distance you are at
  • continue to “lob” the ball at greater distances until you need to gradually add more effort. This will ensure that you are not throwing too hard too quick. Lob the ball while moving back (every 5 to 10 throws)¬†until you reach a distance where you cannot lob it anymore. This will get you to a point where you are “starting” to stretch
  • From this point you can continue to move back until you are completely loose

Those are the basics please email me with questions